500g self-raising flour (1 packet in RSA)
340ml of your favourite beer (comes in 6-packs!)
Pinch of salt (approx. 5ml)

1. Open a beercan and take a small sip to test – if OK, drink the rest and open a new can to mix with the self-raising flour and salt.
2. Mix to an even consistency.
3. Place dough in a flat bottomed cast iron pot. (Remember to use something like “Spray-n-Cook” in both the pot and inside of the lid.)
4. Use 5 good quality briquettes under the pot (evely spread under the pot which should be suspended about 75 – 100 mm above the coals) and 5 briquettes on the lid.
5. After 55 minutes remove cooked bread from pot, slice and cover with thick farm-style butter.
6. Enjoy! (By now you should be busy with your 5th beer!)

Variations (to individual taste):
1. Precooked, thinly-sliced bacon can be added to the dough;
2. Grated cheese (approximately 100g) may also be added to the dough: half kneaded into the dough and the other half on top;
3. Try finely sliced black olives in the dough.

The beauty of this simple recipe is that it does not limit your creativity!